Dubai DiningRoom Film Location

This Dubai DiningRoom Film Location exudes a sense of comfort and artistic design, making it the perfect spot for filming family gatherings, dinner parties, or even a quiet romantic meal. The handcrafted exquisite long wooden centrepiece dinning table is a showstopper and provides plenty of seating for guests, and the plush chairs look inviting. A … Read more

Garden Bar Film Location

The Garden Bar Film Location is the perfect setting for any production looking for a cozy and inviting outdoor space, it can be dressed as a bar or  kitchen area. The comfortable couch and stylish table make it an ideal spot for characters to gather and relax. The wooden bench with a cushion provides a … Read more

Dubai Mediterranean Pool Location

This versatile Dubai Mediterranean Pool Location for film and photography stills is a fantastic film set suitable for a variety of projects. A luxurious poolside setting featuring a pool with crystal clear blue water, the pool itself, with its shimmering blue water inviting one to take a dip or relax on one of the plush … Read more

Faux garlic

A touch of Mediterranean in the kitchen give a homely but professional touch.

Dubai Pool Film Location

Dubai Pool Film Location on a luxury urban villa property with an amazing outdoor BBQ and dining area. This captivating film location with a Mediterranean Pool and Dining feel to it showcases a luxurious pool located in the garden. At night the house can be illuminated enchantingly by lights that create a serene and inviting … Read more

Outdoor Urban Kitchen

I could spend the rest of my life here cooking with a glass of Ribber del Duero and entertaining friends. The kitchen and BBQ are second to none. The amazing distressed dining table makes you forget the city which is only 10 minutes from the marina.

White Beach Bar

A beer at the bar or a meal at a shaded chill out cabana that seats 6-8 people, on a long natural wooden dining table and comfy sofas. As a film location this beach bar has a definite Ibiza vibe and sunsets to match. The mini cabana sun bed loungers are a great place to … Read more

Private Pool Villas

There are a few different option of private villas like this one pools and villas are all slightly different. This could easily double as a private home film location, or as a luxury villa within a resort. The garden opens out directly on to the beach. Watch the sun set over the sea from a … Read more

Arty Villa Dubai FilmLocation

This Arty Villa Dubai FilmLocation has more art than a museum. The tasteful way it’s been decorated makes it hard to look around the whole house as you keep stopping to look at the art and pictures. But somehow it’s been done without looking messy. It is perfect for hosting shoots or commercials relaxing in … Read more

Outdoor City Terrace Cafe

An outdoor, city street cafe. This film location has a real mediterranean feel to it. It is nestled in between two high rise towers within a walk to the marina, fantastic Aegean cuisine.