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FilmServices Middle East A comprehensive platform dedicated to connecting like-minded professionals in the film industry. Whether you’re involved in film locations, crew, actors, models, or art and props, offers a range of features and resources to support your craft. These will grow according to demand. And all the information is searchable by international production teams.

One of the key components of community is its specialised community forums. These forums provide a space for professionals from various film crafts to come together, share knowledge, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Within these forums you’ll find discussions specific to your film craft, allowing you to engage with others who share your interests and expertise. If the forum doesn’t exist yet, just add it yourself or ask us to do it at Watch how it grows. It’s just a question of watering the garden.

Film Locations Forum: This forum is designed for professionals involved in scouting and managing film locations. Here you can discuss location ideas, share tips and tricks for finding unique spots and connect with location managers, scouts and other relevant professionals. Home owners and individuals can make their space available to location managers. And location managers who choose to become an agent can add up to 500 locations. You can find your locations here.

Crew Forum: The Crew Forum is dedicated to all aspects of the film crew, including script writers, cinematographers, directors, producers, editors, sound and light technicians but just as important all the ground crew and support staff that create the foundations of what we do as filmmakers. In this forum you can discuss industry trends, seek advice, find crew members for your projects or offer your skills and services to others. If you need crew just ask here.

Actors and Models Forum: This forum caters to actors and models looking for opportunities in the film industry. Whether you’re seeking auditions, casting calls, or representation, this is the place to connect with casting directors, talent agencies and fellow performers.

Film Props Forum: For professionals involved in creating or sourcing film props, this forum is the ideal space to discuss prop design, fabrication techniques and prop rental services. You can also connect with prop masters, set decorators and other prop-related professionals. There are thousands of props available. If they aren’t local to you, we can help work out how to get them to you. From insert cars to tea pots.

By participating in these forums, you’ll be able to network, learn from others, collaborate on projects, and stay updated on the latest industry trends and opportunities. aims to foster a vibrant community where professionals can grow their careers, forge connections and contribute to the overall advancement of the film industry in the Middle East.

And best of all there’s no adverts!

This is a work in progress, it will evolve as demanded by you.

Everything is a criss cross of win win situations when filming on location.

The main database is by subscription but the integrated community is free.

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Jay Williams 1stAD/PM and Founder

A problem solver, accomplished 1st Assistant Director and Production Manager. His experience spans 35 years. Starting within the camera crew in UK, later running a rental house in Spain and subsequently his own production company. He is now part of the production team in UAE. He has a vast working knowledge of how all the equipment goes together. His IT skills include all the latest legal copies of scheduling and budget software. You can contact him here.  Over the years he has worked on feature films, commercials and music videos, with artists including Robert De Niro, Freddie Mercury, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. He’s worked with directors such as Mike Leigh, Storm and Bob Keen, so you’re in safe hands. YouTube Reels        Linkedin