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Author: Jay Williams

Picture of Dubai Mediterranean Pool Location luxurious poolside setting featuring a pool with crystal clear blue water in a stylish villa.

This versatile Dubai Mediterranean Pool Location for film and photography stills is a fantastic film set suitable for a variety of projects. A luxurious poolside setting featuring a pool with crystal clear blue water, the pool itself, with its shimmering blue water inviting one to take a dip or relax on one of the plush lounge chairs surrounding it. The pool area is accented with stylish garden furniture, creating an elegant and upscale vibe perfect for high-end lifestyle shoots or glamorous fashion editorials. The lush greenery surrounding the pool adds a touch of natural beauty to the scene, with vibrant flowers adding pops of color against the white and blue backdrop. The carefully curated decor elements, such as the vases filled with fresh blooms and the potted plants including Bougainvillea overflowing with greenery, add to the overall luxurious ambience of the location. The set exudes relaxation and sophistication, perfect for a day of leisure by the water. The color palette includes shades of blues and whites, creating a truly Mediterranean serene atmosphere. The setting suggests a high-end condo apartments or home with a stylish and inviting pool area. Whether you’re looking to capture serene moments of relaxation, showcase high-end fashion, or create a glamorous poolside party scene, this Mediterranean-inspired setting provides endless possibilities. The combination of sleek design, lush landscaping, and inviting water features make it a popular choice for filmmakers and photographers seeking a sophisticated and visually captivating backdrop for their projects. Overall, the Dubai Mediterranean Pool Location is a stunning and versatile film set that exudes luxury and sophistication. With its serene atmosphere and elegant decor, it offers the perfect backdrop for creating visually striking and memorable images that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. The parent location of this villa is equally impressive. You have found your Dubai Mediterranean Pool Location.

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Parking does need to be thought about here, but it works out. Get your trucks in first. Catering must be done inside the garage area - no smoking or drinking in the house other than water, however small ( snacks coffees, sodas...) ashtrays for outside. There is space for 2 large trucks on the forecourt.