Arty Villa Dubai FilmLocation

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side view luxurious poolside setting featuring a pool with crystal clear blue Waterford film and photography


This Arty Villa Dubai FilmLocation has more art than a museum. The tasteful way it’s been decorated makes it hard to look around the whole house as you keep stopping to look at the art and pictures. But somehow it’s been done without looking messy. It is perfect for hosting shoots or commercials relaxing in the sunshine by the luxurious Mediterranean poolside setting, featuring a pool with crystal clear blue water. Each room is uniquely decorated with a mix of contemporary and traditional art pieces, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The master bedroom boasts a large, super kingsize solid wooden bed and a private balcony overlooking the lush garden. The kids’ rooms are equally charming, with brightly coloured walls and playful accents. The outdoor pool area is the perfect set to film to see someone relax and unwind after a busy day and enjoy a refreshing swim. The outdoor pool bar offers a variety of cocktails and beverages BYO, making it easy to entertain guests or simply enjoy a drink with your loved ones. The owner, hailing from Italy, has a keen eye for design and a passion for art and photography. Their personal collection of art adorns the walls of the villa, adding a touch of sophistication and culture to the space. The owner is film experienced and friendly. Overall, this villa offers a unique and luxurious experience for those looking for a stylish setting for filming. From the art-filled interiors to the stunning outdoor pool area, every corner of this villa exudes elegance and charm. Whether lounging by the pool, sipping a cocktail at the bar, or admiring the art on the walls, you’ll feel right at home in this magnificent villa. There is space for a couple of trucks in front of the house and street parking close by. You have found your Arty Villa Dubai FilmLocation. Local streets.



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