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Author: Jay Williams

picture of Cozy Chill out area with Mediterranean feel that can be dressed as a food serving area for garden parties or a Garden Bar Film Location

The Garden Bar Film Location is the perfect setting for any production looking for a cozy and inviting outdoor space, it can be dressed as a bar or  kitchen area. The comfortable couch and stylish table make it an ideal spot for characters to gather and relax. The wooden bench with a cushion provides a welcoming spot for guests to sit and enjoy the ambiance of the garden. The earthy color scheme of brown, green, and blue, with hints of red and yellow, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lighting provided by the elegant lamps adds to the cozy feel of the patio, making it a great spot for evening scenes as well. The blue counter top and matching chairs add a pop of color to the space, while the potted plant and delicate flower in a vase bring a touch of nature to the set. The scene can easily be transformed into a food serving area for garden parties, making it a versatile location for a variety of productions. There are many other spaces at this location. There is a swimming pool just out of view. Whether it’s a scene calling for relaxation and conversation, or a lively garden party setting, the Garden Bar Film Location has everything needed to bring the vision to life. With its comfortable seating, cozy atmosphere, and beautiful outdoor setting, this location is sure to impress both cast and crew alike. You have found your Garden Bar Film Location

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Garden Bar
United Arab Emirates

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Parking does need to be thought about here, but it works out. Get your trucks in first. Catering must be done inside the garage area - no smoking or drinking in the house other than water, however small ( snacks coffees, sodas...) ashtrays for outside. There is space for 2 large trucks on the forecourt.