Uncrowded Beach Film Location

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An uncrowded Beach Film Location Has a very slight curve to it so if your filming location requires a long shot at the waters edge of a person/s walking along this will suit you. At one end there is a public beach volleyball net. The water drop-off is very gradual so fantastic for filming water gently washing over feet. This beach can be very popular on public holidays. Although a holiday spot there are also times when its empty. Sunrise is best here for back-light. Situated 1 hour outside Dubai, Ras al Khaimah has lots of uncrowded beaches.From the pictures you can see there is plenty of parking on hard asphalt ground, and space for catering and base camp. There are rest rooms and showers. Set back from the beach there are several restaurants, bakery and coffee shops if you are a smaller crew and don’t want to bring professional film catering in, but it is available. There is a growing number of local film crew available in Ras Al Khaimah including 1stADs, production assistants, makeup artists, art department. Several horse riding stables and experienced animal handlers. A great uncrowded Beach Film Location.


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