Straight Desert Road Filmlocation

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Picture of a Straight Desert Road Filmlocation for stunning car commercials it stretches out in the middle of a vast desert landscape


Straight Desert Road Filmlocation for stunning car commercials. The long road stretches out in the middle of a vast desert landscape, with no other signs of civilisation in sight. The road is made of asphalt, standing stark in contrast with the surrounding desert sand. The scene is quiet and desolate, with only the occasional car passing by in the distance. The desert road appears endless, disappearing into the horizon, creating a sense of isolation and solitude. The colours of the desert are muted earth tones, with shades of brown, tan, and sandy beige dominating the landscape. The harsh sun beats down on the empty highway, casting long shadows across the barren terrain. This location works with cars, motorcycles, bikes, trucks and even skateboards. The road appears to be a single lane highway, with a desert landscape surrounding it. Whilst the road crosses a couple of rises the surrounding desert is vast and unspoilt. There are a couple of other location options very close by one has telegraph poles along its length which give it a timeless period feel. At times herds of camels traverse the plains, there isn’t an exact timeframe but the farm can be contacted to check their timetable or even organise a planed appearance. The location is ideal and lends itself to drone or helicopter filming and from height the redline becomes tiny. There’s not issue with any size unit and base camp here. If you intend to drive outside the limits here or do stunts production and location managers can organise police intermittent road closures. Dubai is close so there’s no shortage of professional crew, actors, models and props. For international clients needing a local partner, I first found this location whilst working with the producer Michael Essey who can surely assist you. Location managers Licenced with the Dubai Film Commission can easily permit this Straight Desert Road Filmlocation


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