AbuDhabi Desert Road FilmLocation

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picture of AbuDhabi Desert Road FilmLocation windswept amazing dunes in the background, lock-offs are easy it’s a disused road


AbuDhabi Desert Road FilmLocation Is a windswept disused road. This filming location is just 45 minutes from the capital and easy to access. It has amazing dunes in the background. You have total control here, so lock-offs and stunts are easy to perform here. Fortunately, the contributor has connections with an agricultural center nearby that can provide the necessary equipment to clear any sand accumulated on the road. This level of support and assistance makes filming in this location more manageable and ensures that the production runs smoothly. The desert setting is vast and empty, with no signs of civilisation around. This location conveys a sense of isolation and exploration in the vast desert wilderness of Abu Dhabi. The colours are predominantly earthy tones and golden yellows, enhancing the feeling of being immersed in a remote desert environment, this emphasises the rugged and wild beauty of the desert. While the location may feel isolated, the convenience of having a restaurant, cafe, and toilets just 10 minutes away ensures that filmmakers have access to essential amenities. There is a gas station 12 minutes away. Plenty of space for a base camp and unit vehicles. Overall, the Abu Dhabi Desert Road Film Location offers a unique and visually stunning setting for filmmakers looking to capture the essence of the desert landscape. There are other isolated desert roads nearby, one giving a 2km stretch of straight road. There is a luxury 5 star desert themed hotel just 20 minutes away. This is an ideal location for car chases, car commercials and feature films. Abu Dhabi has a thriving film industry with films like Dune, Fast and Furious, Star Wars having been shot in the emirate. Abu Dhabi Film Commission offer a 30% tax rebate for qualifying productions. Filming permission and permitting is not difficult at this AbuDhabi Desert Road FilmLocation


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