Olympic swimming pool Dubai

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Author: Michal Gazovic

Olympic-size, azure pool

Olympic swimming pool Dubai makes for a glamorous, visually amazing filmset whose stills and photographic qualities are phenomenal. As swimmers pass in and out of the shadows, the dancing light creates an evocative strobe effect. We have qualified lifeguards and safety-divers available. We can book the entire pool or, if only one lane is required, it can be available on a per lane basis. At night time, existing lighting is free. If additional underwater lights are needed, we can bring in specialist underwater kit. This eye-watering location is ideal for sports clothing commercials TV spots and TVCs. Experienced underwater DOPs and camera assistants are all available through us via the database. Underwater camera housings can be sourced for standard DLSRs right up to the bespoke REDs and Arris’. This film location captures a serene outdoor olympic swimming pool. The dominant colours are shades of grey and sailcloth white, with water the color of blue, suggesting a calm and cool color palette that is typical for poolside environments. The pool itself is the central focus, Surrounding the pool, elements such as a deck, sun loungers, contribute to the leisurely atmosphere, These elements suggest a well-maintained, inviting outdoor area designed for relaxation and enjoyment. A swimming pool with lanes, suggests a well-designed, possibly luxurious pool area that caters to both aesthetic appeal and functionality. It is in fact an olympic pool in a sports stadium. Accessories and furnishings complement the overall theme.In summary, the image presents a detailed and inviting depiction of an outdoor swimming pool area, characterised by a calm color scheme, clear weather, and a variety of elements that suggest leisure, luxury, and attention to detail. Olympic swimming pool Dubai. The onsite staff are really helpful. Added to the fee security, lifeguards and cleaners are mandatory here. But well worth it. My crew page

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Be aware security and cleaners are obligatory. So factor it in to your budget.