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Author: Abdullatif Almulla

Modern Villa Entrance Location for film, TV and stills photography. This captivating villa facade showcases a stunning home that stands as a testament to architectural beauty and design. This entrance sets a theme of style and elegance for any film. Dominating the foreground is a meticulously laid brick walkway and garden, its rustic charm leading the eye towards the building’s entrance, inviting exploration and discovery. The building itself, a marvel of construction, features an array of windows that punctuate its facade, each reflecting the world outside while hinting at the life within. The facade, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The colour palette of the fronts facade are subtle yet profound, with shades of grey, white and natural wood dominating both the foreground and background, creating a harmonious balance that accentuates the building’s structure against the sky. Enriching the visual experience the building’s stature and the open space around it. Notably, the image captures the essence of the property’s architecture, emphasising its large size and the significant amount of ground it occupies. This film location is not just an outdoor spectacle but a snapshot of opulent urban life, where the presence of nature, though subtle, in the form of grass edging the walkway, introduces a soft, organic touch to the otherwise structured environment, suggesting a blend of urban and natural elements. In essence, this image is a celebration of architectural beauty, urban planning, and the subtle interplay of colours and elements that come together to create a scene that is both inviting and majestic. A great Modern Villa Entrance Location for film. Filming here is very easy due to the owners film friendly attitude. There is plenty of parking and space for unit. Link to the parent property. Where you can see other spaces within the property. Film permits are issued by

Driveway Entrance
United Arab Emirates
Umm al-Quwain

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When I viewed it there was on aircraft.

Location Advise

Access to the Rear Garden is really easy as trucks can pull up to the side.