Mountain Village

Baqal is the name of a remote and historic mountain settlement in the north of Ras al Khaimah. It can be reached by road, it is a popular hiking destination. The village is traditionally home to members of the mountain-dwelling Shihuh tribe.

Arabic Themed Village

An Arabesque themed village, finished in 2019 as a tourist attraction and pedestrian area, this makes a great filming location. With a little imagination and some clever period props a scene from Casablanca can be recreated. Hyper-lapse works particularly well here. This waterfront promenade where old meets new, has two zones an old-world heritage area … Read more

Abandoned Ghost Town

It’s not crystal clear why this village was abandoned. But it now makes for an outstanding film location in Sharjah. It comprises of around 30-40 dwellings, a mosque and some out buildings. The sand swept roadways make for a dramatic scene, all you need to do is think how to make the best photographic use … Read more

Narrow Market Streets Bastakiya

Art directors and props can soon turn this in to a working market of any era. There is a prop shop just 45 minutes from here. The narrow streets lined with residential houses and tiny doors, are in a traditional style. The film location of Bastakia (Bastakiya) which is an area of old Bur Dubai, … Read more

Traditional Old Arabic Villa

This traditional Arabic villa is a piece of period architecture. It offers many possibilities and filming options. The rooms can be used as location or a place for crew to stay over.We have filmed a few short films and commercials here, the owner understands film and how you work.Several different rooms and exteriors as locations … Read more