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Freelance Location Manager Dubai , Adarsh Arjunan I am a Freelance Location Manager based in Dubai. With over 5 years of experience in the film and television industry, I have worked on various projects ranging from commercials to feature films, Hollywood to Bollywood. As a Location Manager, my role is crucial in ensuring that the production team has access to the most suitable and visually appealing locations for their shoots. I work closely with directors, producers, and other key personnel to understand their vision and requirements, and then scout and secure the best locations to bring that vision to life. I have a long relationship with the Dubai Film and Television Commission (DFTC) and The National Media Council (NMC)One of my key strengths is my extensive knowledge of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai and its surroundings. I have built up a network of contacts and relationships with property owners, location scouts, and local authorities, which allows me to quickly and efficiently secure permits and permissions for filming in various locations. In addition to my local knowledge, I also have a thorough understanding of the technical requirements for filming in different locations. I am experienced in handling logistics such as securing parking, organising transportation, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the cast and crew on location. Setting up base camps and dealing with unit facilities. I am a proactive and resourceful individual who thrives in fast-paced and challenging environments. I am able to think on my feet and come up with creative solutions to any problems that may arise during production. My attention to detail and strong organisational skills ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently on set. I am passionate about my work and take pride in delivering high-quality results for my clients. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge in the industry, and am always eager to take on new challenges. If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced Location Manager for your next project in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to discuss how I can help bring your vision to life through the perfect choice of locations. I have access to an extensive database of locations, crew, actors, models and props. You have found your Freelance Location Manager Dubai

born on 1 January 1988
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