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About me

I am an Italian photographer based in Dubai and London. I work as editorial, corporate and portrait photographer. My work has been published in different magazines worldwide including The Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais, Maxim Magazine (Germany), Grazia Magazine (Italy), Vogue Uomo ( Italy). Intelligent Life Economist (UK) amongst others. I professionally focus in portraits and reportage.Work published by:

Wall Street Journal (Europe), The Guardian (UK), Le Monde (FR), El Pais (SP), The Times Magazine (UK), Sunday Times (UK), Maxim Magazine (Ge), Economist Intelligent life (UK), Reader’s Digest (UK), La Republica, Donna (Italy), Galileo Magazine (BR), Globo Rural Magazine (BR), Epoca (Br), Corriere della Sera (Italy), Caros Amigo (BR), Imprensa (BR), The British Whisky Magazine (UK).Sonntags Zeitung (CH), Grazia (Italy), Madison Magazine (AU), Daily News (HK), You Magazine (UK), Avanguardia (SP), Terra Matter (AUT), AFR (AU) The Sunday Morning Herald (AU) among others.

Portraits (2001 – present):

Cherie Blair (nee Booth) – former fist lady UK Barak Obama (President of USA)
Evo Morales (President of Bolivia)
Michael Howard (Former British Home Secretary) Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury)

Sir John Tavener (composer) Bryn Terfel (soprano)

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (explorer) Sarah Brightman (musician) Siobhan Hewlett (actress) Michelle Yeoh (actress)

Emilia Fox (actress) Patrick Stewart (actor)

Ian Hart (actor) Geoffrey Palmer (actor)

born on 31 March 1967
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