Luxury Chalet

The VIP chalets have a great view across the salt water lake, ducks and geese may visit you whilst having breakfast on your terrace. With a private secluded pool with a view. The sleeping arrangement is spacious.

Desert Tree House

Who doesn’t love a tree house? A glamping film location with many options close by.

Glamping Lodge

These lodges are ever so sweet and can be used as a film location or as make up and wardrobe if you’re shooting close by. The AC works well.

Dome Camp

Both the interior and exterior are unique filming locations.

Links Golf Course

This film location in Abu Dhabi offers so many locations in one. The club house can be shot as a Spanish Hacienda or a colonial homestead. The club bar could easily be in the UK or Ireland. The main restaurant can be styled in many ways and the staff are very comfortable putting on events. … Read more

Kayak Beach

This film location offers what could be a fishing hut or hobo shack. In the evenings it can be dressed a a romantic setting for lovers.

Roadside Fruit Stall

No road movie is complete without a roadside stop at a fruit stall. This shack also sells hot corn on the cob with chilli and lime, highly recommended.