Hideout Barge Lagoon

This inlet is home to several barges not currently in use. The top end can be blocked off and controlled. As a film location it offers a wide variety of options from boat chases, to gangland hideouts. Due to the fact it is closed on its three longest sides the inlet is protected. Underwater photography … Read more

Diera Old Souq Abra Taxi Moorings (evening)

A romantic form of travel and a great filming location this is one of Dubai’s oldest forms of transportation. It is still surprisingly cheap and a great way to traverse over and along the creek. An Abra is a traditional wooden boat now motorised, that has been used since pearl dealers travelled across the creek … Read more

Elegant 1930s Bar Restaurant

This elegant Italian 1930s restaurant and bar is ideal for filming when you need a touch of class in Abu Dhabi. It is a very film friendly location. You can cast your film extras from their staff as they are all perfectly trained in the art of simple luxury and look great. Their uniforms will … Read more