Caravan Beach Film Location

Caravan beach film location is ideal for a film or video with a feeling of teenagers surfing, a beach bar or sitting around a camp fire. Although the caravan is static its great for a backdrop to a music video. The only sound is the sea, this is an idilic, picturesque remote area. You have … Read more

Port Beach Road

A coastal beach road film location with easy access to the beach. The area is usually pretty deserted except bank holidays and festival days. The surrounding area gives a feel of an old fishing village.

Lookout beach

This beach is at the top a a long spit, it has many secluded beaches and ideal as a filming location in Ras Al Khaimah. The entrance is via a great little seaside bridge with obviously sea views. It makes for a great image of a family or young couple arriving on a holiday. There … Read more

Coast Beach Road

Summer holiday memories on this fantastic coastal road, think open top sports car or VW camper. The white sand stretches as far as you can see. The inner road can be controlled. You can park, strip off and in 20 steps be in the water.

Beach Club Film Location

Beach club film location in Abu Dhabi This Beach Club Film Location in Abu Dhabi is a beautiful and luxurious setting for filming. The beachfront location offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the city skyline, making it an ideal backdrop for any production. The beach has an Ibiza chill out vibe where you can … Read more

Straight Desert Road Filmlocation

Straight Desert Road Filmlocation for stunning car commercials. The long road stretches out in the middle of a vast desert landscape, with no other signs of civilisation in sight. The road is made of asphalt, standing stark in contrast with the surrounding desert sand. The scene is quiet and desolate, with only the occasional car … Read more

Sea View Jebel Yanas

The sea view from the top of Jebel Yanas mountain is stunning on a clear day. It’s quite dramatic on an overcast day. Julpar Towers the tallest building in RAK is a speck on the landscape. The mangroves and creeks can be clearly seen. The last steep hill up the mountain is spellbinding.

Beach 1 Al Mamzar

This city beach is inside a big city park that boarders Dubai & Sharjah. Five beaches surround the green park space, making it a great beach filming location with other possibilities close by. The lifeguard towers are a particularly nice feature. The skyscraper backdrop is pretty surreal.

City Green Park & Beaches

Al Mamzar Beach Park is too big to view as one Dubai Film location so see below for a wider view of the green parks, 5 sandy beaches running and cycle paths against a modern city skyline backdrop.

Hudayriyat Beach Sculpture

This sculpture is has a stunning sunset view on the beach. The sun sets through the sculpture and in to the sea. There are other sculptures and resting points along the walk.