Stream Wadi Film Location

The stream wadi film location is surrounded by towering cliffs and rugged terrain, providing a stunning backdrop for any film, commercial or other story. It is fed by fed by a natural spring. The lush greenery and crystal-clear water create a tranquil and picturesque setting that is sure to capture the hearts of audiences. The … Read more

Caravan Beach Film Location

Caravan beach film location is ideal for a film or video with a feeling of teenagers surfing, a beach bar or sitting around a camp fire. Although the caravan is static its great for a backdrop to a music video. The only sound is the sea, this is an idilic, picturesque remote area. You have … Read more

Enclave Fort Film Location

An Enclave Fort Film Location and village garrison is set atop a mountain hillside. It’s approximately 300 years old but has been restored beautifully. The fortress sits above a Wadi (Dry Riverbed or storm drain) At first glance you could imagine you are looking at a medieval settlement, somewhere in Europe, similar to a French … Read more

Dubai Kitchen Film Location

Dubai Kitchen Film Location is a cozy rustic kitchen set, featuring various tasteful elements such as a wooden center table with chairs, a stove, an oven, and cabinets/shelves. The kitchen exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere with its wooden furniture and earthy color palette. An original picture painted by the owner hangs on the wall, … Read more

Dubai Master Bedroom Filmlocation

Dubai Master Bedroom Filmlocation is a cozy master bedroom in the image invites a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The very large bed with its solid wooden frame and soft white sheets and duvet looks incredibly inviting, promising a restful night’s sleep. The pillows, in various sizes and colours, add a touch of personal style … Read more

Low Garden Garden Table

A distressed garden table. We could easily refurnish this any colours you want. I was thinking verdigris green for the metal, ew wood and varnish the surround. But equally as the cast iron center is an inch thick it could become a great BBQ.

Miniature Tin Bucket

Miniature tin bucket for herbs could be window dressing or ingredients holder

Miniature Tin Bath

Miniature tin bath for herbs could be window dressing or ingredients holder.

Earthenware Clay Pot

An earthenware casserole clay pot with lid. I suspect it was meant to sit on charcoal, but not sure its still practical. Note the round base that wouldn’t sit flat.