Glass Flask Jug

Is it a glass flask or a jug, good for an accurate food styling pour

Deserted Urbanization

This film location offers many almost deserted streets. Built in advance of the expo it hasn’t yet been filled. The interiors of these houses and villas are really nice. I would love to see the streets filled with mannequins, it’s been done since 1935, but empty streets still work to give an eerie uneasy feeling. … Read more

Abandoned Ghost Town

It’s not crystal clear why this village was abandoned. But it now makes for an outstanding film location in Sharjah. It comprises of around 30-40 dwellings, a mosque and some out buildings. The sand swept roadways make for a dramatic scene, all you need to do is think how to make the best photographic use … Read more

Abandoned Quarry

This empty quarry filming location is large enough to do car donuts in, it has a couple of smashed containers, old machine tyres and oil drums. There are a couple of working quarries near by should you want large machinery. There are contacts on our props section under construction.

Straight Desert Road Filmlocation

Straight Desert Road Filmlocation for stunning car commercials. The long road stretches out in the middle of a vast desert landscape, with no other signs of civilisation in sight. The road is made of asphalt, standing stark in contrast with the surrounding desert sand. The scene is quiet and desolate, with only the occasional car … Read more

Sea View Jebel Yanas

The sea view from the top of Jebel Yanas mountain is stunning on a clear day. It’s quite dramatic on an overcast day. Julpar Towers the tallest building in RAK is a speck on the landscape. The mangroves and creeks can be clearly seen. The last steep hill up the mountain is spellbinding.