Desert road film-location Dubai Telegraph Road

Desert road film-location Dubai. Has yellow sand with a hint of red. It could be USA Morocco Spain or Mexico. Ideal car commercial location. Imagine a classic 1956 red mustang car sweeping down the road. This would look great in any music video. Telegraph road in Dubai UAE Middle East. This is just the entrance to … Read more

Desert Camel Road

It is possible to still see camels on the road like this, but these ones were brought in specially. In the crew section you can find the animal handler that organised these. The road alone is a stunning film location for any car commercial or road trip. The old wooden telegraph poles running next to the … Read more

Twisty Desert Road FilmLocation

Twisty Desert Road FilmLocation This captivating location showcases a twisty desert road that meanders through a tranquil landscape, bordered by an array of dead trees on either side. The road does have medium traffic but there’s plenty of gaps to film this location. This is just one section and makes a great spot to capture … Read more

Fast Desert Road

This remote straight desert road film location is the drive way to a luxury hotel. It can easily be controlled and locked off by your Location Manager. This shoot location is private, but does require a permit.

Straight Desert Road Filmlocation

Straight Desert Road Filmlocation for stunning car commercials. The long road stretches out in the middle of a vast desert landscape, with no other signs of civilisation in sight. The road is made of asphalt, standing stark in contrast with the surrounding desert sand. The scene is quiet and desolate, with only the occasional car … Read more

AbuDhabi Desert Road FilmLocation

AbuDhabi Desert Road FilmLocation Is a windswept disused road. This filming location is just 45 minutes from the capital and easy to access. It has amazing dunes in the background. You have total control here, so lock-offs and stunts are easy to perform here. Fortunately, the contributor has connections with an agricultural center nearby that can … Read more

Straight Desert Road (disused split off)

This is an old disused road and a great film location. Not sure how long it will last without maintenance. You can get an idea if its still OK from Google maps.

Desert Dunes Road Abu-Dhabi

Desert Dunes Road Abu-Dhabi film location is just off the main Al Ain road and easy to access. There is some traffic but it can be locked off with police assistance. There can be rubbish and debris. There is a quad bike hire near by, so you will need a few PAs to keep a … Read more