Country Club Film Location

Country Club Film Location is the perfect setting for any film or television production looking for a unique and diverse backdrop. With its beautiful and scenic surroundings, the Country Club offers a wide range of locations that can fit various scenes in multiple genres. From the lush greenery of the paddocks to the rustic charm … Read more

Desert Tree House

Who doesn’t love a tree house? A glamping film location with many options close by.

Glamping Lodge

These lodges are ever so sweet and can be used as a film location or as make up and wardrobe if you’re shooting close by. The AC works well.

Desert Camping Film Location

Desert camping film location this is an expansive aerial view of the desert camping and retreat, presenting a vast and unending stretch of sandy terrain. The dominant brown hues of the desert landscape suggest a natural, untouched wilderness, inviting contemplation on the sparse beauty of such barren environments. Unique wooden tree houses stand dotted around … Read more