JLT View Penthouse

This unique penthouse has views of JLT and the sprawling marina end of the city that make it an ideal film location. It wasn’t fully furnished when I took the pictures for a reality show. But you can easily send a scout to see its current state. It has balconies, 2 kitchens, an office reception … Read more

Emirates Financial Towers

Emirates Financial Towers is a twin tower block, film location in Dubai. Its impressive mirrored facade reflects the Burj Khalifa. It also has a good view down SZR. It is a 27 story twin-tower, the towers are connected on the 16th floor by a glass skybridge initially designed as an F&B space.

Sea View Jebel Yanas

The sea view from the top of Jebel Yanas mountain is stunning on a clear day. It’s quite dramatic on an overcast day. Julpar Towers the tallest building in RAK is a speck on the landscape. The mangroves and creeks can be clearly seen. The last steep hill up the mountain is spellbinding.

Marina View Balcony

This long balcony overlooks the entrance to Dubai Marina. Ideal view for filming yachts coming in to the marina or showing off the penthouse.