Outdoor City Terrace Cafe

An outdoor, city street cafe. This film location has a real mediterranean feel to it. It is nestled in between two high rise towers within a walk to the marina, fantastic Aegean cuisine.

Burj Khalifa

This iconic building needs no introduction. This Emaar owned property can be filmed close or as a skyline from almost anywhere in the city. There are several great skyline shots available from the location personal in the crew section. It is known for being the world’s tallest building. With a total height of 829.8 m … Read more

Leaving the City Behind

There are many ways to film a car leaving the city. This film location shows the city blocks being left behind when leaving Internet City and Tecom. Palm lined roads, in an office building area. Could be a journey home from work or city dwellers escaping to the countryside.

City to Urban Road Transition

A car journey always requires film locations that  transition from city to urban roads and streets. From heavy street furniture to tree lined roads and avenues. This location is great for leading you in to or out of the city.

Kobe Bryant Basketball Court

This basketball court was build as a touching tribute to basketball legend Kobe Bryant in the Abu Dhabi park. There is also a skate park next to it. It can get very busy on cool evenings.

Qasr Al Hosn Fort

This historic film location was originally built as a protective watchtower around 1790s. Your imagination is the limits of what could be filmed here. Period drama or a family on holiday caught up with spies. Whats for sure is that the location offers stunning photography options.