Stream Wadi Film Location

The stream wadi film location is surrounded by towering cliffs and rugged terrain, providing a stunning backdrop for any film, commercial or other story. It is fed by fed by a natural spring. The lush greenery and crystal-clear water create a tranquil and picturesque setting that is sure to capture the hearts of audiences. The … Read more

Enclave Fort Film Location

An Enclave Fort Film Location and village garrison is set atop a mountain hillside. It’s approximately 300 years old but has been restored beautifully. The fortress sits above a Wadi (Dry Riverbed or storm drain) At first glance you could imagine you are looking at a medieval settlement, somewhere in Europe, similar to a French … Read more

Mountain Road Film Location

Mountain Road Film Location will make any 4×4 or SUV look its best. There are over 10 Kms of useable road. This stretch is a hard surface turning to gravel road. This whole film location area would suit a post apocalyptic feature film or car commercial. An expansive desert landscape, dominated by a narrow dirt … Read more

Serpentine Road (last hard surface)

Car commercial paradise, for 4×4, SUV or rally. The surface is hard, although not public road grade. There are so many ways to shoot this location you could spend 2 days here easily, and shoot more than one model. The rock colours change from light sand to deep purple. The minerals all reflect differently dependent … Read more

Plateau & Upper Base Camp

This mountain road transitions from gravel to earth. The plateau makes for a base camp with stunning views of the valley. It doubles as both base camp or filming location. The land is barren but there is some flora and mosses.

Slanty Rock Riverbed

This rock formation in Ras Al Khaimah is a great location for an adventure story, rescue or travel. Maybe a camping site for a car commercial.

Abandoned Quarry

This empty quarry filming location is large enough to do car donuts in, it has a couple of smashed containers, old machine tyres and oil drums. There are a couple of working quarries near by should you want large machinery. There are contacts on our props section under construction.

Sepentine Canyon

Dramatic rock formations on a serpentine road in a gorge, with chicanes and 90 degree curves. This is the last hard surface before it turns in to a dirt road.

Revines and Valley Jebel Yanas

Death defiying rock faces with dramatic views of the village below. Crags and ravines are abundent in the mountain range. Looks best at sunrise or sunset when the contrast helps define the mountain. The stone formations change from deep reds, occasional purple sulphate deposits and back to various shades of grey.

Lower Road & Valley

A Desolate valley with an abandoned quarry. The road leads from the foot of the mountain and starts of as a gravel track. It then turns to a hard surface and later back to gravel.