Palm Tree Film Location

Palm Tree Film Location a grassy avenue perfectly lined with manicured palms. Stretching as far as the eye can see this palm tree boulevard is mowed regularly the trees are kept in pristine condition. On one side you have the sea with pristine beaches including beach fitness activities discretely placed. On the other side a … Read more

800 Year Old Tree

An 800 year old tree, set in a horse retreat. With a circular bench and flower bed.

Base of Jebel Yanas

With a savana type plain and rocky floor the view of Jebel Yanas in the background. This is a wide open space dotted with Arcasia trees which survive on very little water. The dirt road leads to the old abandoned quarry.

Lone Tree

Great camping film location, the tree looks great from all angles. The background has romantic rolling dunes. Base camp needs to be set a little way back as the sand is soft.