Film Video Studio Abudhabi

Film video studio Abudhabi BarCoe is a leading studio. The studios can be dry hire or you can use a range of their top creative, technical engineers and crew. Whether you are looking to create a commercial, a music video, a corporate video, a documentary, or any other type of production, BarCoe has the facilities, … Read more

Dubai LivingRoom Film Location

The living room is separate yet a continuation of the main room, a retreat from the outside world, with a comfortable L shaped sofa positioned in the center of the room. The couch is piled high with soft pillows in various shades of warm browns, adding a touch of coziness to the space. A sleek … Read more

Dubai DiningRoom Film Location

This Dubai DiningRoom Film Location exudes a sense of comfort and artistic design, making it the perfect spot for filming family gatherings, dinner parties, or even a quiet romantic meal. The handcrafted exquisite long wooden centrepiece dinning table is a showstopper and provides plenty of seating for guests, and the plush chairs look inviting. A … Read more

Dubai Kitchen Film Location

Dubai Kitchen Film Location is a cozy rustic kitchen set, featuring various tasteful elements such as a wooden center table with chairs, a stove, an oven, and cabinets/shelves. The kitchen exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere with its wooden furniture and earthy color palette. An original picture painted by the owner hangs on the wall, … Read more

Dubai Master Bedroom Filmlocation

Dubai Master Bedroom Filmlocation is a cozy master bedroom in the image invites a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The very large bed with its solid wooden frame and soft white sheets and duvet looks incredibly inviting, promising a restful night’s sleep. The pillows, in various sizes and colours, add a touch of personal style … Read more

Garden Bar Film Location

The Garden Bar Film Location is the perfect setting for any production looking for a cozy and inviting outdoor space, it can be dressed as a bar or  kitchen area. The comfortable couch and stylish table make it an ideal spot for characters to gather and relax. The wooden bench with a cushion provides a … Read more

Dubai Film Location Living-room

Dubai Film Location Living-room, a meticulously designed living room, radiating a sense of warmth and comfort. At the heart of the room stands a pristine white couch, inviting and plush, positioned thoughtfully in front of a charming fireplace that promises cozy evenings. The room is bathed in natural light, accentuating the white-dominated colour scheme that … Read more

Modern Villa Film Location

Modern Villa Film Location available direct with a film friendly owner. This captivating villa facade showcases a stunning home that stands as a testament to architectural beauty and design This location has an absolute mired of opportunities. Pulling up in the paved driveway the striking vila almost towers above you, plenty of space here. Entering the tall … Read more

Poolside Bar Shasha

Poolside bar and restaurant with a modern rustic feel. All natural wooden and canvas seating. Boardwalk decking. Submerged poolside seating and terraced area.

North of Houston Restaurant Exterior

A New York inspired Bar & Grill. It has both indoor and terrace seating. A great film location. The terrace offers a sea view with palms. Relaxed and family-friendly throughout the day, the venue seamlessly transforms to an edgy and electric hub as evening falls. Upmarket gastro-pub.