Enclave Fort Film Location

An Enclave Fort Film Location and village garrison is set atop a mountain hillside. It’s approximately 300 years old but has been restored beautifully. The fortress sits above a Wadi (Dry Riverbed or storm drain) At first glance you could imagine you are looking at a medieval settlement, somewhere in Europe, similar to a French … Read more

Qasr Al Hosn Fort

This historic film location was originally built as a protective watchtower around 1790s. Your imagination is the limits of what could be filmed here. Period drama or a family on holiday caught up with spies. Whats for sure is that the location offers stunning photography options.

Traditional Arabic Fort

This traditional Arabic fort film location is in Al Ain. The fort was established in 1891 around Al-Jahili Oasis for the protection of palm farmers. Later it was seized by the former Omani coastal scout for its operation to protect the mountain lanes and to preserve the inter-tribal peace. There is an area for a … Read more