Mountain Village

Baqal is the name of a remote and historic mountain settlement in the north of Ras al Khaimah. It can be reached by road, it is a popular hiking destination. The village is traditionally home to members of the mountain-dwelling Shihuh tribe.

Abandoned Ghost Town

It’s not crystal clear why this village was abandoned. But it now makes for an outstanding film location in Sharjah. It comprises of around 30-40 dwellings, a mosque and some out buildings. The sand swept roadways make for a dramatic scene, all you need to do is think how to make the best photographic use … Read more

Narrow Market Streets Bastakiya

Art directors and props can soon turn this in to a working market of any era. There is a prop shop just 45 minutes from here. The narrow streets lined with residential houses and tiny doors, are in a traditional style. The film location of Bastakia (Bastakiya) which is an area of old Bur Dubai, … Read more