Boutique Hotel

1, 2 & 3 bedroom Apartments. The suites at this hotel are like a self-contained residential unit with private balconies, separate dining area and lounge equipped with flat screen TV, DVD and satellite TV with premium entertainment channels. The bedrooms are furnished with King Size bed and a working desk with chair. All suites also … Read more

Burj Khalifa

This iconic building needs no introduction. This Emaar owned property can be filmed close or as a skyline from almost anywhere in the city. There are several great skyline shots available from the location personal in the crew section. It is known for being the world’s tallest building. With a total height of 829.8 m … Read more

Luxury Coastal Hotel

This luxury coastal hotel is a benchmark of rest and relaxation overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It has beautifully manicured gardens and water features. Shaded outdoor lounges and poolside bars. There are many water features and the bubbling waterfalls create a sense of calm. The adult pool area is quiet and also has a massive bubbling … Read more

Deserted Urbanization

This film location offers many almost deserted streets. Built in advance of the expo it hasn’t yet been filled. The interiors of these houses and villas are really nice. I would love to see the streets filled with mannequins, it’s been done since 1935, but empty streets still work to give an eerie uneasy feeling. … Read more

Beach Resort

Set on 1.5 kilometers of beach and gardens. Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort, is an ideal film location. When I shot there the marketing team were fantastic, their only concern is that you don’t interfere with the guests experience. Outdoor pools include a large saltwater pool, an adults-only pool, and a kids pool with … Read more

Dubai Frame

As a film location the Dubai Frame is a truly impressive building outside. The views inside and upstairs are impressive to the naked eye and show Dubai for the amazing city development it is. However it is not best suited to filming from the interior. The beautiful exterior sculpted frames make it difficult to photograph … Read more

1950s Pastel Beach Resort

Sprawling across a sandy 500 meter stretch of private beach with a view of the Arabian Gulf. This is an amazing unique location. Whilst having modern facilities this could easily be an American drive in motel from the 50s from its pastel colours to art deco style arches and curves. With 253 chalets and cabanas, … Read more

Cove Beach

Cove Beach Dubai boasts a stunning seafront film location, that comprises of a restaurant, Lounge, and 3 pools all set to the backdrop of the tranquil Arabian Sea. Fashioned in a contemporary and beautiful décor with a Mediterranean vibe. Set in the heart of the Marina, you’ll find Jet-setters, influencers, celebrities, athletes as well as … Read more

Old School House

This old building facade has doubled as various film locations. The inside is actually a very 70s reception area and offices. It has a factory behind it, but I just liked its façade so I kept it.